Gym Equipment Maintenance: The Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Trainer Evaluation

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Is your fitness dedicated family harsh with your fitness equipment? If they are, then you probably are afraid to put your money into any costly exercise machine. However, it could hold true that “you get what you pay for”. What you have to have is a resilient and robust piece of equipment that can undergo a lot of extra-hard wear without much, gym equipment maintenance and without devastating your financial situation. Well, you’ve found it: It’s the Smooth CE7.4 Elliptical Trainer-a fantastic piece of fitness equipment.

Overall Ranking: 4.8 of a possible 5 stars

Main Components:

The Smooth CE 7.4 offers 16 levels of resistance, with steady rather than harsh changing from higher resistance to lower resistance.

Electro Magnetic System – These systems are typically seen on commercial class ellipticals. With this facet, a magnetic charge will enhance or reduce the resistance.

Moveable Handgrip Pulse Monitors – with this you can watch your heart rate while keeping your hands on the moveable handlebars.

8 pre-set programs in order that you can optimize your exercise level in a lesser amount of time.

Price Tag: $14.00 (retail)

Product Depiction:

The Smooth CE7.4 is a very light, commercial elliptical machine for use at home. It is particularly built for many users and strenuous use because it is really robustly built. Elliptical motion is natural and even because of the heavy flywheel. Additionally, this elliptical trainer is made with rear drive instead of front drive-hence, less moveable parts; not as many moveable parts means not as much maintenance and repair. The Smooth elliptical’s well-built Premium LED Console is productive and uncomplicated. This elliptical trainer supplies the user with multiple readouts with a variety of windows.

Product Details:

Footprint: 83” L x 27” W x 67” H

Unit weight: 210lbs

Maximum User weight: 350 lbs

Stride length 21”

Product Highlights:

Electro Magnetic System. It conveys a magnetic charge which raises or lowers resistance.

Rear Drive vs. Front Drive – If you have rear drive, there are not as many moveable components; this lessens the need for maintenance. The overall layout of the Smooth CE .4 is very simple so there is less servicing needed.

Speaker System & iPod Docking Station

Built-in Fan that has the breeze blowing right toward your core

Articulating Foot Pedals: They line up with the elliptical motion. Since your whole foot is positioned flat on the pedal, there is less stress on the ankle.

Moveable Handgrip Pulse Monitors – You can watch your heart rate without moving your hands from the moveable handlebars.

16 resistance levels, permitting steady as opposed to drastic resistance modifications

Wireless heart rate control

Premium LED Console – simple and functional

8 pre-set programs

Warranty: Frame and Braking System-lifetime / Parts and electronics-5 yrs / In home labour-5 yrs


It is always easier to invest in fitness equipment knowing that gym equipment maintenance will be minimum. The Smooth CE 7.4 Elliptical Trainer can achieve this goal since there is a fewer amount of moveable parts to service. This aspect, along with the other extraordinary aspects render this elliptical a good investment for the expense.

Robert McKay has been working with the fitness sector for over two decades now. Frequent equipment maintenance is crucial for the long life of your gym equipment maintenance. If you’re in england, I highly recommend Fitness World as one of the very best fitness equipment provider you can rely on to offer you high quality care.


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