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Specialty Merchandise Corporation Review: Bbb Review

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Specialty Merchandise Corporation has been in the business of providing home business opportunities for people who are on the lookout to partner with an established business that will handhold them while they are just starting. SMC Corp advertises these opportunities through infomercials, magazines, newspapers, telemarketing and online sites with Tom Bosley of the popular sitcom Happy Days as their spokesperson. Operating on a membership only basis, Specialty Merchandise Corporation gives business owners the platform to do business with only a small start-up investment.

To become a member of SMC Corp, one needs to pay an upfront fee of $299 for its Gold Plan and $24.95 monthly payment for the Silver Plan with the first month payment to be made upon registration. There is an annual renewal fee of $49.95 which is automatically charged to the credit card on the 19th day of your anniversary month or the following day thereafter. With the Gold Plan, you get $100 worth of merchandise that will be shipped out to you free of shipping and handling charges. Members of both Gold and Silver plan will get a membership kit that contains product catalogs and training manuals on how to increase your earnings with your SMC membership. The 30-day money back guarantee of SMC Corp. assures members that if they want to cancel their membership anytime within the 30 day period after registration, they will be refunded their membership fee less the shipping and handling.

The catalogs included with the membership can be customized with your own logo for that professional look when you present it to your offline customers. There are several catalogs; the main catalog which contains all the products of Specialty Merchandise Corporation and smaller catalogs containing products from a specific individual category such as Toys and Games. You will also get a Specialty Marketing Corporation website that can immediately serve as your online store with just a $29.95 monthly hosting fee.

With the SMC Corp. membership, you also get the guidance of a business coach for 90 days from whom you can consult on every step of your business start-up and build-up. But most important of all, SMC membership gives you the rights to access their catalog, purchase their products and sell them in any venue that they see fit such as online store, fund-raisers, swap meets and flea markets. There are over 3,500 available products which Specialty Marketing Corporation warehouses for you. A SMC review is frequently conducted to ensure that the products are saleable and trendy. When a customer orders, all you need to do is call their toll free number and SMC will do the preparation, packing and shipping of the items.

A check with the Better Business Bureau will show you that Specialty Marketing Corporation has been rated “C” with a score of 74 to 76.99. Companies are rated on the basis of 16 elements with the biggest emphasis on competency listing, unanswered and unresolved complaints, complaint analysis, advertising review and mediation/arbitration. The SMC Corp BBB rating indicates an average rating for which BBB expects that customer transactions are satisfactory. With such a reliable rating source, SMC BBB rating will belie suspicions and fears of some consumers and members that they may experience a SMC ripoff just like other marketing scams.

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