Get To Know All About Asperger Syndrome

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Asperger Syndrome was not understood until 1944. Thanks to an Austrian physician named Hans Asperger, the condition Asperger Syndrome was finally identified to be a mild variant of autism.

However, unlike autism, a kid with Aspergers Syndrome though having difficulty in social interaction with other children and with adults, are still willing to connect, while children with autism are more disengaged emotionally. To clearly understand how a child with Aspergers Syndrome acts and reacts, check the following:


Poor pragmatic language skills – A kid with Aspergers Syndrome might not be able to hit the right tone and volume of speech. Meaning, their voice sounds expressionless or flat so you can’t tell whether they’re mad or happy by their tone. The child may become fixated on a particular topic and cause boredom to others with incessant talk even while other kids have given clear signals that they aren’t.

Difficulties tolerating changes – One noticeable characteristic with children with Aspergers Syndrome is the demonstration of repetitive action. Such behavior includes counting a group of coins or marbles over and over or reciting the same song or poem several times. They follow certain routines that if you try to change will make them become annoyed and lost.

Learning challenges – Since most children with Aspergers Syndrome typically focus on one certain interest, learning other things might be rejected. They could remain focused on one thing they think that they require and disregard the rest, until a different thing could stir their interest that is unlikely to take place without proper treatment applied.


Positive Reinforcement – Adults, especially the parents play a significant role in helping their kids in the treatment process through consistent praise and reward every time a slight improvement of their behavior is shown.

Social Skills Training – This is the most significant component of treatment for kids with Aspergers.  The best way to teach them is through body language in expressing meticulousness and uniformity. The most effective way to make this possible is to have a kid interact; play with the kid, or books or movies. Through this, child with aspergers would not only develop his interaction skills, but will also learn new interest.

Assigning Of Tasks – This could be done utilizing role playing or even just simple tasks such as drinking their milk, or fixing their stuff with the involvement of the parent. And it is important that in every task they accomplished, recognition is given so that they would be conditioned to follow and interact with you.

Learning New Skills – Teaching a kid with Aspergers of new stuff such as composing of poems, reciting new song, or any activity that will help them develop new skill. Having purity, patience, and perseverance while doing this could ensure faster progress of their development.
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