Thursday, December 14

What Is The Meaning of St. Valentine's Day

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St. Valentine’s Day, as it really is suppose to be referred as, make you think of love, appreciation of the one you’re with, flowers, and candy. Expressing your love for your significant other. The meaning of St. Valentine’s Day represents a Christian Martyr, it was considered to be a celebration of a fertility festival. A man named Geoffrey Chaucer is credited with the linking of lovers and a special date for the occasion. But the real Saint Valentine was a Roman Christian, he was martyred in the third century A.D. He spread the gospel while in prison, during his time in prison, it was brought to his attention that one of the prison guards daughter was blind.

He asked St. Valentine for his help in praying for his daughter to receive her eyesight back. When the Emperor got word of his ministering to the inmates and the guards, he ordered St. Valentine to be put to death. Before being put to death he wrote his last note which was titled “From Your Valentine”. From what is gathered of this story, this is why we participate in the tradition of giving and sending cards and gifts of love in remembrance of a wonderful saint who was put to death for ministering and making converts while in prison.


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