An Explanation Required From The Japanese Race

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The Japanese are mainly Buddhists.  The Buddha who is the founder of this religion,as we all know renounced the pleasures and comforts of his reign and went away to seek enlightenment. In addition he propagated a path to salvation that had as its main pillars non-violence, peace, friendship and respect  for human life. He was against barbarity and revenge.

However a look at the Japanese conduct during the last century and one wonders whether the Japanese Army and people really imbibed the teachings of Buddha. It appears they negated every concept enunciated by  Lord Buddha and yet they claim they are an ancient and ‘superior’ civilization.

A look at the Japanese occupation of China is a point. In 1937 Emperor Hirohito issued a royal decree that Chinese soldiers captured were not to be treated as POW’s. This is  a fact of History and hard to digest. The  result was a calamity as the Japanese Army began to butcher captured  Chinese soldiers with swords and baynots and as per reports over 57,000 POW’s were done to death and their bodies flung in the countryside. It is a barbaric act without parallel. Going further the Japanese Army started what is known as the ‘rape of Nanking’ and on their occupation of the city unleased a terror that just cannot be imagined. More than 200,000 Chinese citizens were killed and over 100,000 women raped and then butchered with swords or simply shot.

I fail to understand the rationale of this Japanese conduct, particularly of a people who believed in Buddha. China was not the exception, but even their occupation of the Andeman islands and Car Nicobar was a nightmare. In Car Nicobar they butchered a large number of men and took their women as their consorts for sexual pleasure.They thus changed the race of the Car Nicobar island as they impregnated the very women whose husbands they had butchered.

The Japanes treatment of POW’s of British and Australian origin was abhorrent and the Geneva Conventions thrown to the wind, with daily beheadings and torture. No apologist for Japan has been able to explain this conduct of the Japanese. What was the reason for the Japanese to indulge in these massacres and tortures ? Perhaps scientists must study this aspect of the  Japanese character. It is not undrstood how the Japanese justify to themselves the complete negation of all that Buddha tought. Can any body answer this ?


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