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Corruption of the corrupt

Date :- Feb 2011

Are constantly on scandal do not need to say much. Let everyone know about this, but people say that when higherpost to corruption, only that all the people in power positions can not rule on the finger up to the natural. But it’s not required all men are like that. Many examples of corruption in our society, a flow is not corrupt, who are educated, some Compelled,riteused and the reasons become corrupted, or are given to make. But people sitting on the higher rungscorruption are two of reasons, such a so tempted to maintain the other his social status dignity to meet the need to do so. Small corrupt man short – is little corruption, but police caught up tortured   and a few days in jail . Millions of Coins corruption or whether the money, corrupt the called, the only difference is that in these two big guys, big corrupt little corrupt the little corrupt. Your access and large corrupt hold on the strength of Wealth not come in now and occasionally still are captured, then add break to get away with. If society would do well idealsthe country’s general public for all to be legitimate. Murder of law and the rules will be perfect again. What rules, laws and Ideal just sitting on the lower running boardman for? Yet many corruption has come front and probably one of many found to be not revealed. Now turn the attention of a huge event that all people should be removed from the issue of corruption.


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