Sheffield Apprenticeships: How Many Days Per Week Do I Attend?

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How Many Days Per Week Do I Attend A Vocational Training Centre For?

If you are aged 14 to 16, and you attend a vocational training centre as part of your school curriculum, then you must attend for at least 1 day per week. This will be sufficient to enable you to complete a level 1 qualification. If you are aged 16 to 18 and you join a Stepping Stones program, then you must attend for 3 half days per week, across a 13 week period. Alternatively, if it is agreed with your personal adviser, you can attend the centre for 2 full days. If you are an apprentice, then you must attend the centre for a minimum of 1 day per week, subject to the agreement of your employer.

The hike in tuition fees has made the cost of attending university prohibitive for many people. However, this needn’t be the end of the world; in fact it can be the start of a whole new successful chapter of an individual’s life. Vocational alternatives such as careers as a plumber, electrician or gas engineer are readily available. The Government recently announced their intention to set up 40 new university technical colleges (UTCs), however this news was lost amongst the furore of the tuition fees protests. Such careers are extremely worthy alternatives to a university education, especially given the current skills gap in the country which has existed for decades.

Even EAL, the organisation which awards vocational qualifications across sectors including plumbing, electrical and gas, has called for an end to what it rightly describes as, “snobbery against vocational training”.

Sally Hunt, General Secretary of the University and College Union believes: “Our Government seems intent on ignoring the global trend of increasing access to university, which will see thousands of applicants denied the chance to fulfill their potential.” However, she doesn’t acknowledge that through vocational training courses an individual’s potential can still be fulfilled.

So save your money, study for less time and develop the technical ability and skill to earn many times what a graduate would expect to earn, all without the vast huge amounts of debt. Sounds like a sound plan to me? And remember, the Government has revealed there will be a freeze on university places this year and 10,000 fewer next year. There is an alternative and a prosperous debt free career, call us here at Access Training to find out more about developing in trade skills in plumbing, gas, electrical, carpentry and plastering.


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