The Way For You To Grab A Brand New Iphone And Piss Off Your Date In A Single Easy Step

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That is correct, you actually can get a brand new apple iphone as well as make your girlfriend detest you in one easy step. Here’s how…

There’s a saying in which change is surely an unavoidable element of life (and also In N Out Burger) and the simplest way we are able to acknowledge change is to adapt to it.

Thus it’s with a wistful heart that I bid farewell to my iPhone.

My iPhone 2G!!

That’s right, it’s a fact. Following almost 3 years the phone at long last died on me right after the 12th drop. Saturday night in the parking lot at Carlees Restaurant in Borrego Springs, California (quick promo so I can get that beer comped that I skipped out on). I accidentally drop kicked it in to the Lexus Suv beside me (oops) and after that it plopped on the 30-year old asphalt. You know, the sort of asphalt Godzilla would use to file his nails.


No biggie I figured. It had been bulletproof. I’ve dropped it numerous times before that…even straight down a flight of stairs…

But on this occasion I was not so lucky.

I grabbed my phone, strolled in to the restaurant, ordered that (totally free?) beer and began texts and Twittering just like I usually do (not to mention I didn’t see any cute ladies to distract my typically small attention span).

All seemed to be well then it happened: My iPhone began behaving funky…display going blank and after that turning back on and dropping signal.


You know, the kind of ‘oh no’ you mutter in that quiet, halted tone essentially to yourself when you know you’ve really blown it. The ‘cold shot up your spine’ feeling.

“C’mon….no. Crap. Turn back on. No no no no…..”

And then the phone came back on.

Alright…whew…that was close! Then it produced a odd buzzing noise, and then began to heat up…quickly.

Then it turned off.

It was then that I realized I’d at long last broke my iphone. During my haste in the damn parking lot to primp and preen prior to going in to the bar (which usually for any man involves cleaning his nasal area of foreign ‘objects’ and placing breath mints in his pocket) I fumbled my phone into permanent oblivion.

A sad point in time for certain. Nevertheless it was Saturday evening and I wasn’t going to let this kind of problem ruin my night. And now I had an ideal excuse to obtain the new iPhone 4!

See? Fantastic! It all works out in the end.

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