Turmoil in Libya Will Increase Crime Rates in Lexington, KY And More…

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We’ve all heard it over and over again, “September 11th changed everything”. The turmoil in the Middle East is about to make us eat those words. From that day forward America has been spiraling down a path of self destruction and “our chickens are coming home to roost”. Wars that we entered over lies, taking from the poor and giving to the rich, psy-ops and propaganda on American citizens and dignitaries, mercenaries for hire and more wars that create more wars. All across the world people are saying “we’ve had enough”. Protests and regime changes are happening all across the Middle East and now we’re seeing the unrest in America. Gas prices will rise and as they rise so will the price of eveything else and so will the crime rates.

When we invaded Afghanistan and then Iraq we opened up a hornet’s nest that is proving impossible to exterminate. Like dominoes, American and CIA supported dictators are toppling one after another. This is due to a combination of factors. First, our prescence alone and every insurgent or civilian death just creates more anger and more terrorism. Second, the expense of these wars caused the destruction of the American economy which then destroyed the World’s economy. Greed is the reason for all of this.

In April 2010 I was hired as a roaming photographer for a J.P. Morgan Chase high roller meeting at Keeneland Race Track in Lexington. I was just supposed to take some pictures of the event. The decorations and then each person separatedly for a take home souvenir was supplied. None of the staff could speak English except for the bankers and their hosts.

I’m not sure if I was supposed to come in during the lecture but I stood in the back of the room and nobody seemed to pay any attention to me. Besides, I don’t think they expected the photographer to understand what they were talking about. A man named Stu Schweitzer   was the guest speaker for the day.

Mr. Schweitzer spoke for about an hour but the parts you’ll be interested in will make you mad. He claimed that the bailout was unnecessary because the banks weren’t in need of money. We took from the poor and gave to the rich. The “crash” was by design, he said, and the crowd all laughed. He also stated that the reason they are calling it a “jobless recovery” was that the banks were fine but the jobs would not return. Again, the room filled with laughter. He then asked a Texas banker to explain to everyone how his branch was now turning to large corporate loans because housing loans and the middle class would not return. You got it, plenty of laughter. He then talked about the yearly retreat and explained how it had to be moved from the normal five star resort out west to a hotel in Times Square. This was done so the American public wouldn’t know they had been deceived, he stated. He noted, however, that it was still a five star hotel. This gained him the most laughter of the night.

Wiki-leaks recently announced that Saudi Arabia may have overstated their oil reserves by 40%. This caused an immediate rise in oil prices.

Yesterday, America announced that, after discussions with NATO, sanctions would be enforced on Libya. Again, prices of oil are spiking.

These higher gas prices will hamper the global economy. A bad economy doesn’t always mean higher crime rates. The San Fernando Valley and others have seen some of the lowest crime rates in decades. Crime rates fell about one third between 1934 and 1938 while the nation was struggling to emerge from the Great Depression and weathering another severe economic downturn in 1937 and 1938. However, we are facing a tsunami of issues beyond gas prices, high food prices and the failing economy.

Food shortages have hit most of the world and will soon be coming to the United States. Lew Rockwell lists the seven reasons food shortages will become a global crisis. Extreme weather, bee colony collapse, collapsing dollar, regulatory crackdown, oil prices, increased soil pollution and the GMO giants are listed. Scientific American states: “Could Food Shortages Bring Down Civilization?” “The biggest threat to global stability is the potential for food crises in poor countries to cause government collapse”. Next time you go to Wal-Mart or your local grocery store pay attention to the lack of stock on the shelves.

The U.S. government is out of money and cannot decide on a budget. Senate Republican leader and Kentucky Senator, Mitch McConnell and House Speaker John Boehner have stated that they would rather shut down the government than relent on their spending cut demands.

Many states are also out of money and cannot decide on their budgets. First Wisconsin, then Ohio and Indiana the unrest in America is expanding. Today, people will converge on state houses across America to air their frustrations. I will be there filming and will report on the Frankfort protest at the Capitol steps.

The combination of higher oil and food prices, a failing economy, food shortages, exploding national debt, wars and more wars, housing foreclosures, a widening divide between the rich and the poor and the greed inherent in capitalism combine to create an atmosphere ripe for increasing crime rates.

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin has noticed an increase in crime rates due to the housing crisis. While Lexington is somewhat insulated from the effects of a bad economy. However, this combination of events happening at this particular time will change America for a long time. Eventually, Lexington and Central Kentucky will pay the price along with the rest of the world.

I’m not going to try to sell you gold or non-GMO seeds. I’m not going to try to get you to buy anything at all. I just want you to be aware of the combination of factors that we are facing and how that will affect crime rates in your area. You will have to be aware and protect yourself.

Cops cannot prevent crime nor protect anyone. They show up after a crime has been committed. They do not leap from closets during home invasions to protect homeowners or show up out of nowhere to prevent a rape. And the fact that these crimes continue to occur proves the cops are not even a deterrent to violent crime. Should you be a victim of a crime, the police will be there to help solve it. You must be aware, take precautions and protect yourself and buy a gun.

Guns are deeply rooted within Swiss culture – but the gun crime rate is so low that statistics are not even kept. The country has a population of six million, but there are estimated to be at least two million publicly-owned firearms, including about 600,000 automatic rifles and 500,000 pistols.

This is in a very large part due to Switzerland’s unique system of national defence, developed over the centuries.

Instead of a standing, full-time army, the country requires every man to undergo some form of military training for a few days or weeks a year throughout most of their lives.

Between the ages of 21 and 32 men serve as frontline troops. They are given an M-57 assault rifle and 24 rounds of ammunition which they are required to keep at home.

Once discharged, men serve in the Swiss equivalent of the US National Guard, but still have to train occasionally and are given bolt rifles. Women do not have to own firearms, but are encouraged to.

Be prepared for the coming unrest in America and Lexington and take the proper precautions.

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