Friday, December 15

What Makes Teenage Girl Bullies Carry Out Abuse On Another Person?

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What makes a teenage girl bully carry out abuse on another person?  Research shows that female bullies whilst picking on a victim, feel important, think themselves to be something special and in ultimate control.  They think it is hip to harass others and often use rumor control and taunting in an effort to make their prey feel totally helpless.

Their whole intention is to be the center of attention and they usually manage to get their own way. Many bullies feel that the path they choose is a way to be popular and earn respect from their following.  However, quite often they are actually envious of their victims.  They also bully because they get a great deal of amusement from doing it or simply because they are following suit of their friends who also carry out acts of bullying.  They then become part of a group of teenage girl bullies.

One aspect of girl bullies which sometimes does not get picked up on it that not all bullies are aggressive.  How many times have we heard the expression “look out for the quiet ones?”  Studies suggest that some female bullies are the silent but deadly types, who appear to be quite reserved, and make a point of drawing little attention to themselves. They stay in the background whilst picking out their next unsuspecting victim. However, these are the teenage girl bullies who use even more effective methods of mistreatment than the in your face kind of bullies. With a sinister precision they stalk their prey, watch their every move, check out their friends and then strike at the most vulnerable point.

Similar to boy bullies, the female versions are controlling and want to dominate others at any cost.  Victims are usually totally unaware of what is in store for them when they are in the company of teenage girl bullies. Without realizing, the victim may tell a so called friend something close to her heart, and this will be slipped out to the female bully.  This is when the terror starts and escalates to extremes the victim is never likely to have experienced previously.

Most female bullies use a subtle approach filling their victims with self doubt and insecurity simply by the use of rumors or similar methods.  Continuous harassment leaves the victim feeling powerless to reclaim her good name.  Her friends may also turn against her as they do not want to find themselves in the same bullied position. The victim then becomes insular, eats poorly, skips school and sometimes goes as far as considering transferring to another school as a desperate last measure.

Bullies do not care about anyone but themselves.  Their whole existence is about dominating others.  Maybe they themselves were bullied as a child or their bullying tactics could be the result of being born of parents with strong personalities.

It is commonly thought that female bullies are quite insecure themselves and that ruling others makes them feel stronger and this strength increases the more they bully their prey. Whilst carrying out their approach in a subtle way, there is no doubt about the fact that teenage girl bullies are more often than not vicious in their abuse of others.  Think of a spider’s web.  The bully draws the victim in, then lashes out when it is least expected.  It is a sad state of affairs that this type of behavior within schools these days cannot be put in check before resulting in such serious consequences.

By Mandy-Jane Clarke
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