Never, Ever Settle For These

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In a bid to be like their married friends, do something before their biological clock stops ticking and stop the nagging from their parents to produce the children they are selfishly hiding in their bodies (lol), ladies have been known to accept the available rather than the desirable. I assure you that it’s better to wait a little longer for the right person than to fall for any of these because you would be miserable if you don’t.

Ladies you do not want a boy; you want a man! You do not want a boy who has no vision or purpose for his life. A boy still tied to his mother’s apron strings. He would ask his mother before he does anything. Guess what ladies? He’ll ask his mother’s permission to marry you!.

You do not want indecisive man ladies. A man who’ll add no value to your life, rather he’ll drain you emotionally, socially, spiritually and financially. You do not want a man who is so steeped in fantasy that he can not face the realities of life. Finally Ladies you do not need and this is absolutely important, You do not need a man who thinks he is doing you a favour by dating you! A man who thinks he’s too good for you. You’ll only hurt yourself if you go for any of these. Choose wisely ladies.


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