The Best OF Friendships


Sometimes in life it happens,

two souls become special friends.

You find someone you can truly

trust and share with,

can throughout your life depend

on to see you through life’s joys

and life’s downside, thick or thin

and you form a bond so close,

as close or closer than next of kin.

You are as comfortable in silence

as in words, laughter and fun;

sharing praise and hopes, admonishment,

two souls that seem as one.

You really know the other,

see with the other’s eyes,

see the sparkle and the gleaming,

hear the moaning and the sighs

in a bond of friendship that

between the lines can read and hear,

know and understand each other

year after year, year after year

where differences just compliment,

enhance each other’s self.

Such a friendship is rare and precious

and few such friends you’ll find,

usually no more than one or two

in a given lifetime

that form a bond that’s solid

beginning in your youth

and walking with you through old age,

a priceless friendship, true

friendship that’s unconditional

that special friend that stands by you

no matter what may happen

and you stand by them too.

They hug you when you’re suffering,

comfort when you’re feeling sad,

shout for joy and dance with you

when you’re felling glad.

They are quick to give a hand up

when life has got you down;

when other’s may desert you

this friend will always be around

even at a distance

if only just by telephone

is always there beside you

and you are not alone

as you talk for hours long distance

with no thought of the expense

because the friendship is more valuable

than time, dollars or cents.

Somehow you always work things out,

what goes around comes round;

in life there is no treasure

greater than true friendship found

and you know it, know it with no doubt.

This is a soul you can depend on

and trust your trust to keep.

True friendship is the friend who is there

in your sea of tears that makes you smile,

keeps you from drowning in your troubles

and with you walks that extra mile,

helps you turn life’s stumbling blocks

into life’s stepping stones,

is the one who takes you by the hand

so you know you are not alone,

is tuned into your feelings

without you saying anything;

the one who even in dark shadows

can somehow sunshine bring.

It is someone you can laugh with

and freely share your tears

and confide in with assurance,

without any fear

that they will deceive you,

turn their back and walk away,

even when they disagree

will still be there, will stay

the course and see you through.

I’ve known very few such people

but a couple I’ve chanced to meet

and know the joy walking together

along this two way street,

this street that’s filled with blessings,

a lifetime of memories,

hills and valleys, twist and turns,

the mountains we have climbed;

each walking our own path

yet together all the time.

It’s the giving and receiving,

treasures the heart can hold;

when you really are a true friend

it comes back ten thousand fold.

True friends never use you.

They don’t gossip or abuse

and finding one is very rare.

In life there are but a very few

such true and special friends

that remain your whole life long.

That special friendship in your life

is more priceless than all Earth’s wealth

when you know someone who actually

loves you as they love their self,

a love that is unconditional,

is there through thick and thin,

brings sunshine to your cloudy day,

that is a true friendship

always there to see you through

and you’d do the same for them.

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