Friday, December 15

Buy Vpn Tunnel to Protect Your Privacy And More!

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The world is now the Internet.  There is no denying this.  More and more people are online and there are hundreds upon thousands of websites to serve the masses.  However, monetary compensation has been a driving force for many of the websites that exist online.  For this reason, many websites whether malicious or not, have been tracking our browsing habits.  In fact, many online databases are able to paint a better picture about our history, every text we have ever typed, our name, our age, and so forth than we could of ourselves.

How do they keep track of us?

In order to keep track of who we are, data trackers use our IP address.  Our IP address, as such, contains a plethora of information which can be used by hackers, spammers, criminals, and advertisers.  Not to re-iterate, but literally, every search you have ever made has been recorded and logged.  “They” know exactly what you searched for.

What else can happen?

Another problem is that when using public networks such as public wifi hotspots and internet in buildings, anyone in the same network will be able to snoop on your data.  It does not take an expert.  In fact, there are applications like Firesheep which allows even young children to hack your social networking information in just 1 click.  Hopefully you have nothing to hide on Facebook!

How can I protect my privacy?

You can protect your privacy by buying a vpn.  If you use a VPN tunnel, your IP address will be masked with an anonymous IP and your connection will be completely encrypted.  Browsing the internet without a VPN is like driving a car without a seatbelt.  You just don’t do it.


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