Monday, December 11

How to Live in Polluted Environment

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Today Pollution is as part of our life as eating, drinking and doing daily routine work of our life. From the time we wake up early in the morning with the toothpaste in our mouth to ending the day with dinner or milk everything we use or face is polluted. The tragedy is that we cannot do away with all these things rather than to live with it. So we must evolve our life to face the challenges posed by all these worldly things rather than succumb to it and destroy our precious life

    First take the example of water-Sea water, river, lake & ground water everything is polluted. Sea water by human & industrial waste, oil spills by oil exploring plants in sea; – recent example being BP Petroleum of Britain whose oil spilling has resulted in lots of flora & fauna lost. Fishes, pants etc in water are dying. Similarly river water is also getting polluted. Ground water also get polluted which is consumed by human & animals. More than 75% of earth is water. If water becomes polluted how can the mankind survive?

    Secondly Air is polluted by lot of dangerous chemicals; lead carbon di oxide, carbon mono oxide, sulphor etc.Dangerous smoke and air emitted by Industry, vehicles, electronic goods etc. wreak havoc to our environment. Our Ozone layer in atmosphere is thinning & developing hole in it. Ozone layer acts as filter to extreme heat of sun. If that layer is destroyed there will be increase in massive temperature which is already happening. Result in melting of ice in Antarctica region will inundate the costal areas of various sea and river in near future. We are already facing extreme climate- much hotter in summer, extreme chilling in winter, and unusual sporadic rain at some places while drought in other places.  Human also suffer from various respiratory diseases. Lack of oxygen also results in body’s metabolic disorder.

    We eat food to survive but when you know that food that you eat or consume in contaminated by dangerous chemicals which may result in damage to your liver, kidney & vital organs what will you do? Farmers & vegetable grower are using dangerous chemical, fertilizers to grow crops. These chemicals are absorbed by crops- wheat, rice, pulses, & vegetable, when consumed by human enters their body & causes lots of organ damage and ailments. Then there are genetic foods which help in larger crop production- whose bad effects in living being are still being researched, are already available in market for consumption. Now a day how we have became habitual of contaminated food can be illustrated by small incident below-

   A milk man showing his honesty did not mixed water in milk & with some additional price increase distributed the milk to 20-25 villagers who were eager to drink pure milk. The next day all 20-25 villagers came to milkman and complained, ‘your milk yesterday was not pure that’s why all of us have dysentery (loose motion) problem. The milk man replied, ‘Sir, yesterday my milk was without any water mixed in it. It was almost pure’

So the tragedy is that our body has become so habitual of consuming contaminated food that we are not able to digest pure food.

    Noise pollution which is mostly concentrated in metro & big urban areas result in lesser hearing capacity of men & women, atmospheric noise causes lack of mental peace.

    Above all these we are now facing massive Cultural pollution. Consumerist & consumption culture are causing great unethical behaviors and deed in human. Unbridled competition result in jealousy, corruption. Now a day people understand only one relation i.e.  MONEY. Those who have money have fame & power who doesn’t have is god’s lesser fortunate child. In order to get more money we are crossing all descent barrier of good human being.

  So where are we heading towards- certainly not towards evolution rather destruction. So, is there still time to fix all these pollution problems? Yes we can if we wish. If not finish at least we can minimize the ill impact. Increase awareness- in school (budding kids are tomorrow’s youth), office, traffic places, media, society, politics everywhere. At least people should realize what wrong they are doing to environment. They should be guided about how they can help save the environment – planting trees, using bio degradable products, using less chemical fertilizer, using bio fuel, producing less non bio degradable waste etc. A small contribution by everyone can help make it large. So come, wake up, and wake up before it become too late. Let our children and we live in healthier environment.



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