Variety, The Spice of Life

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Variety is the spice of life.

When we eat our food we don’t rely on only bread and butter. Sometime we go for rice, pulses, vegetables, & non- veg items such as meat and poultry items. When we wish so much different items for food, how can we confine ourselves to doing 2-3 stereotype works in our life such as doing routine job works, eating, sleeping and again doing same works again and again? Doing same thing repeatedly make a man’s life dull and boring. He does these works as a duty but rarely enjoys it, thus forfeiting the chances of innovation and higher productivity in this area. If he is given leisure time to enjoy his life, watch movies, cultivate his hobby, take part in games etc. he develops a holistic personality. When he comes back after using the leisure time as he wished, he might be able to come to job with happy and fresh mind, thus able to help in higher productivity and innovation. Generally it has been seen that those parents who confine their kid to study only, or doing a particular work deprive them to mingle with outside world and thus their kid develop an introvert and weird personality. If the kid is allowed to experience other facets of life, given time to purse his interest, joy and happiness he develops a mature personality.

  In our country various festivals are there at different times. In these festivals people eat various dishes which they normally don’t make daily, wear new clothes, meet their relatives, well wishers and enjoy the moments. These moments allow them to come out of their stereotypes of life-of performing daily routine work and thus enjoy life in toto. So enjoy life in its variety, rather than to confine itself to our limited territory.



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