Wednesday, December 13

Creationism And Religion

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In religion there are many pious people who are against the creating of test tube babies because we believe that the

only Creator is the Almighty. He gave us the common sense to not use our hands to create or change our selves; but

to use them for our praying and taking care of ourselves. We are to use what HE has provided us with, with care and

with good use, as all good things come to an end. He has provided us with an earth to live in, a family to be with, food

for our sutenance and use, and our hands to use them wisely. When it comes to creating our own, we have to be

careful not to overstep our authority (if we have any). We must know that if all good things come to an end, we are to

be accountable for what we have done with our bodies; our hands when we are eating with them, our common sense

when we are using it, our feet when we are walking, our soul when we are praying. We are to be accountable for and to   

be punished for our sins, one of the biggest sins being the test tube babies that are under our care. 

When it comes to mind, what will we have on the day of judgement will not be what we have or have not created but 

what our sins and deeds will be, it is pointless to create biological beings if we know that the day of judgement is to

arrive. What will be the point of having created our own microbes and what a useless sin we would have created for


Furthermore, what will be the point of the technology that we have created, of course we say that it makes 

our lives simpler and easier, but wouldnt you rather struggle and work hard for what you have been provided with. 

The more you struggle, the more you will know that you will be rewarded in the end.


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