Wednesday, December 13

Life Lessons For The Movie

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I watched the movie “Tangled” with my children this afternoon and thought it contains some great life lessons for people who wish to make their dreams come true. So let me highlight a few of those here: First: The situation our heroine (Rapuntzel) finds herself in is one we so often encounter in life. We feel like we are living in a cage (particular life circumstances) from which we cannot escape. We are like Rapuntzel trapped in a high tower from which there seem to be no escape. Second: Like Rapuntzel at first we are not aware of the fact that we are trapped until we feel that inner call of our dreams. Suddenly we wake up and we wonder what is going on beyond these four walls. We start to realize it can be different. Third: Once our dream and our yearning to know something beyond the walls (our current life circumstances) takes us outside of those walls we suddenly feel torn. We feel torn in our loyalty to the “old comfortable and save walled life” and the “scary adverture into the unknown”. Torn between the old characters that in habit the “old world” and those we meet in the “new world” Four: As we face our fears we slowly find that we are able to stand our ground in the “unknown” that the longer we stay actually becomes our new known. Five: As we journey forth beyond our walls we have to face many challenges and we are haunted by our fears that want to take us back to the tower and inside those old walls. In “Tangled” the heroine’s surrogate mother (Mother Gothel) is a great representative of the fears that haunt us. Watch the movie and you will see. Six: Once our heroine confronts her fear eye to eye they (the surrogate mother) disappear. Seven: When she shares her dream with others she suddenly finds many helpers and guides and the journey becomes easier. Eight: There is a great scene in the movie where she is about the have her dream come true she shares with Flynn that she is afraid. Afraid that it will not be the same as she imagined and second what will she do after her dream come true. Flynns answer: “You will find another one”. Nine: I think most important of all in the movie. It is in searching for and realizing her dream that Rapuntzel discovers who she really is. Personally I think this is the whole point of our life journeys. To discover who we are and without a dream to follow it is impossible. “Tangled” is a great movie with stunning visuals and colorful characters. I highly recommend it!


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