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Car Rental Trip Tips in Santorini

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Hiring a car from a car hire Santorini should make your trip in the Greek archipelago much more awesome. The island, located in the Aegean Sea at a distance of 120 miles from mainland Greece, is only 28 square miles in size making it fan to move within the beautiful island in a car. The island is situated at the volcanic centre of the South Aegean Volcanic Arc and expands on the volcanic vents in Akrotiri whose archaeological remains are need to a visit. Getting a car rental Santorini from the Santorini National airport, at a distance of around 3.7 miles from main municipality Thera, could mean that you will not have to wait for the public transportations schedules to go to the city. This naturally goes for driving within the adorn island too. After all, the buses restrict your exploration and limit you to minimum places which mean that you would not be able to see everything of this beautiful island. For example, driving from Perissa (where you have Santorini’s best beach) to Kamari through the mountain road will be more wonderful when you can stop whenever you feel like to admire the unmatched view. Driving to Oia in order to get a view of the romantic sunsets at the place will make your stay in Santorini a lifetime experience. So would stopping at some of the quaint Greek ruins that spoted the sides of Santorini roads. If you do not enjoy the beach in Perissa or if you have children with you, you could go to Monolithos where the level of water is wonderfully shallow, making it enjoyable for children. You also can visit a multiple unique Greek taverns there. For traditional Greek village you should drive to Megalochori. The town of Fira pitched at the cliff side is also beautiful to look at and visit. Using a car rent Santorini would make your visititng to these beautiful places much more enjoyable than if you were going with public transportation. Bear in mind that the public transportation timings may not be all that suitable and the taxi drivers, which are quite friendly, may not be very careful on the roads. You may feel comfortably while you are driving the car from a car hire Santorini than when you are on the back or passenger seat of a taxi cab. There are a lot of santorini rent car agencies dotted on the island. The prices are reasonable and you could rent a car if you have your passport, driver’s license, and the International Driving Permit.


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