Friday, December 15

Watch Your Belly For a Better You!

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A sound body has a sound mind and the vice versa. This is possible if we have physical exercise. We must eat healthy food. The food we have consumed should be totally burnt to keep the body strong and fit. Loose muscles not only give an ugly look but also put us at a risk of acquiring various diseases.

The world to day is daunted with the two deadly diseases, heart attack and diabetes. While excess fat can lead to heart attack, excess sugar damages every part of the body. People with obesity have a miserable life.

Where does the excess stuff we eat clollect? It is in the belly mostly. Your health is directly proportinal to the size of your belly. There are three main tasks going on in the body of a person. They are breathing, digestion and circulation. A regid stomache keeps the digestive organs brisk. The food we eat is all completely digested. The liver and  the pancreas work well.

There are various exercises recommended for tummy trim. But we can consider some simple exercises which will not take much time. one of the best is the ‘Reverse Crunch’. Lie down fat facing up on a bed. Keep your hand on the sides. Keep the legs straight and bring them up as far as posible. Resume your original position slowly. Do this as many times as possible. Another best exercise is walking! Nobody can dispute the immense benefits it gives us.

Diet also plays a great roll in weight reduction. We should avoid fatty and sweet items. Meditation also helps us to keep our body and mind sound. So let us watch our belly for a better future.


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