Top Career Paths During The Present Economic Crisis

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After China and East Asia’s booming economy, besides present economic situation, everyone is worried about future. Uncertainty in jobs and rising prices of fuel and consumer products, some professions are not considered well paid. So it’s very important to choose profession in the present circumstances.

Although in some countries, there are counseling sessions and students knows how to come across the situation but due to very rapid changing of geo-economic situation, some professions like banking is now no more considered lucrative.

Cheap labour and in some cases, cheap technical and paramedic staff, life becomes harder in many countries. Even Oil riched countries are facing this dilemma. In some countries, agitation has already been started and nobody knows where it will stop.

Some of the top professions

If you go to China or some other Asian countries and ask for any item, whether its electronic or other consumer goods), you will find even in cheaper price. Initially it was considered low grade but now, you will find these products from North America to Australia. Same was the situation in 1960s and 70s when Japanese products were considered low compare to West Germany and UK. But soon Japanese products captured the market. Moreover, with the full support of Chinese govt and proper planning, Chinese even now captured the telecommunication and other high tech fields. So, keeping this in mind, some of the professions are still very important even during the present economic crisis.

  1. Petroleum / Oil fields

  2. Freelance Journalism (Mass Communication / Electronic Media)

  3. Entrepreneur

  4. Sports

  5. Chartered Accountant

  6. Civil / Telecom / Biomedical / Petroleum / Mechanical / Electrical Engineers

  7. Merchant Navy

  8. Aeronautical Engineering

  9. Aeronautical Pilots

  10. Sky divers

  11. Medical Doctors

  12. Marketing Expert

Keep in mind that there are some other professions which are well paid. But due to shrinking profit margins, some of the professions are now no more lucrative.


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