What Are You Doing to Prepare Yourself For The Last Days?

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There has been a lot of talk about Illuminati and the New World Order, and a lot of talk about the tribulation and the rapture.  Most believe that the concepts are mutually exclusive, that the New World Order comes about because of the Illuminati, which are rich and powerful.  If you ask someone who the Illuminati is, you will receive various answers suggesting that bankers rule the world, so they must be, others state that powerful politicians are, which would suggest that you could include lawyers in the equation.  Still other people talk about organizations like the Council for Foreign Relations, or powerful families like the Rothschild family and say that they are Illuminati.

The basic underlying principles that people use when talking about the Illuminati is to suggest that they will win over the hearts and minds of mind through symbolism, desensitization, and dumbing down the population to accept pretty much anything.  While we can see a lot of those things going on today; clearly, people are being dumbed down by materialism, drugs, hedonism and becoming all about themselves as they lack empathy and are selfish none of this really explains what the New World Order would be.  Is it really possible to control people exclusively through their emotions; will anyone think for themselves or will everyone simply submit to an endless array of trinkets, shiny things and empty concepts that seem like the next big thing but will ultimately lead to their spiritual and psychological demise?

The only thing that truly fascinates me about talk of the Illuminati and the NWO is that thinkers everywhere are into it.  I haven’t seen where Christians are talking about this, but Muslims are not, or where atheists believe it but those that say that they believe in God are not, everyone believes that a completely different world system where we are slaves to the elite is right around the corner.  Some even go as far as to suggest that the rapture could be faked and Christians could be deceived into believing in whichever God everyone will serve in the NWO, because they will genuinely believe that the rapture has already occurred when it has not.  Still others suggest that we will indeed suffer through some of the tribulation, but not all of it.

What I do not understand is why people say that this is something that we could actually put an end to.  If this has already been prophesied and it is inevitable that this will occur why would you try to stop it.  I can understand why you would want to stop it, because ultimately, man just wants to live out his time on Earth in the way that works for him and does not want to have to deal with an elite telling him what to do about anything.  If I had my way September 21, 2001 never would have happened, and I could live out the rest of my life in ignorance thinking that America will continue to be the all powerful, omnipotent country that it was and the rest of the world would simply accept that, but that is just a dream.  For me, I wasn’t thinking about the rest of the world, I just liked the sheer innocence of life in the years before 2001.

Will martyrs die, or will they simply be tortured for the rest of the tribulation because technically, the concept of death will no longer exist?  Will the eagle be overtaken by the bear?  There are so many questions and too much to think about it makes my head hurt.  This is the question one has to answer for themselves; if they say that they believe in their God are they will to endure anything that the enemy would use to get them to deny the existence of their God?  We say that we will, but when Christ was on the Earth he was sold out for a small sum.  If those that actually saw God with their own eyes sold him out, would we sell him out because we are hungry and need to feed our children?

Thirty pieces of silver were worth $950 in 2008.  That should give you something to think about.  Would you do anything sinful for $950?  A lot of us have sinned for far less.  Even though we are approaching a time where $950 may become trivial and insignificant for the majority of the population it is still an amount one pauses for.  That is the only question one has to answer, regardless of what they believe.  If you can’t answer that question, then perhaps you should be worried about what will happen in the last days …


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