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Seven Health Conditions Your Dentist May Detect First

Most people don’t realize that over 90 percent of the general diseases that occur in the human body including serious diseases like heart disease and diabetes, are connected to conditions found inside of your mouth. Often times your dentist will be the one to discover clues that these health conditions might be present.

One sign that you could be pregnant is that your gums may begin to bleed when they have air blown on them.

An indication that you might be anemic is pale and sore gum tissue.

If you have white spots and sores located on your gums or other tissues inside your mouth that don’t ever seem to heal it could possibly be a sign of cancer of the mouth

Sore, red and swollen gums of periodontitis are linked to heart disease and stroke.

If you have major wearing away of the enamel on your teeth it very well could be a sign of some kind of eating disorder such as a gastric condition or even bulimia.

Some of the tell tale signs that someone may have a diabetic condition are bleeding gums and receding gums, dry mouth and habitual bad breath.

Signs that someone could have leukemia are gums that bleed very easily and are spongy, bright red and inflamed.

Regular visits to the dentist are just one part of your overall heath and well being. Not only will it help to promote your oral health it could lead to the early discovery of a serious disease.

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