Transgenic Animals

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What is the world coming to? Why is human life given more prominence than other forms of life? Aren’t we afraid that we might endanger the foodweb when scientists manipulate nature through creation of transgenic animals?

I remember watching a movie many years ago titled ‘Dr Morrow’s Island’. This movie showed animals carrying human genes in their DNA creating transgenic animals. The scientist in the movie had injected his own genes into animal embryos thus all the animals were partially his children biologically. When I was watching the movie I dispelled it as just science fiction and that it will not become a reality. But today, I wonder whether I was right when I thought so.

Lately in the papers, I came across an interesting article citing the role of transgenic sheep and goats as a source of natural fibre stronger than synthetics. Transgenic sheep and goats are producing milk that express foreign particles in their milk. Now we humans will think twice when we slaughter sheep and goats for meat.

Transgenic chickens are now able to synthesise human proteins in the white or albumin of the eggs. Now we fear we are cooking human proteins when we cook chicken.

Transgenic pigs have been produced and these animals can be harvested for organs as transplants in humans. These animals should eventually prove to be valuable sources of protein for human therapy and for economic purposes. Now many people will refrain from slaughtering these animals for food for fear of hurting the human in them.



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