Honour Killing

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There she lay on the hard and dusty road,

Pelted with rocks and stones,

By relations, friends and foes alike,

As she declined a proposal,

That was not too palatable,

Which she alone should decide.

Then why is she condemned to die?

She pleaded, she cried that mercy be shown,

All fell but onto deaf ears that saw hatred,

She raised her helpless body,

Trying to shield it from those beastly hands,

Oh no, she couldn’t, but to bear the pain,

Only to fall onto the gravelled road,

That might become her funeral bed.

They kicked, bashed and beat her in vigour,

She bore the brunt of her attackers,

She resisted with pride but all in vain,

As her frail form slumped onto the dust,

Someone carried a huge and jagged rock

Throwing it hard upon her unconcious skull.

The assailants, left the stage not looking back,

There lay the body covered in blood,

Who will take responsibility to see to her last rites?

Would it be relation, friend or the least a foe?

Noone claims to be the judge and jury

Of that horrendous act called honour killing

Honour Killings have more to do with cultural and traditional taboos. In some cases, honour killings have been associated with religion. Due to this, those societies use religion to put into practise outdated and cruel practices that are actually illegal in the eyes of the law. It is really horrifying to note that in certain parts of the world human beings have become lower than animals in mentality!!!!


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