Monday, December 18

Nurin Jazlin

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Oh Nurin, who would do the things that were done on your frail, helpless and delicate form?
Why should you be the chosen victim of sadistic desires, thoughts and actions?
That no animal would ever do to one of its kind
And despised by all right thinking persons.

Oh Nurin, if only you could walk out of your cold, loathsome grave
To bring justice upon yourself and turn the beast in
If only the walls that witnessed the crime could just whisper
Their embedded secrets so deep.

In death you looked so angelic
Though you had been ripped apart by an animal so gruesome
All the tears and condolences can never make up for the life you lost
On that miserable and unfortunate night of terror

Which human would stoop so low as to commit the heinous acts so vile
On a child so innocent and untouched?
Speak man!!! Speak up !! Admit your wrongs!!!!
Or you would die with an unforgivable sin!!!

( This girl was only 8 years old when she went missing at the night market, where she went to buy some trinkets. No child should go through the nightmare she went through in the hands of her abductor. She was sexually molested and abused. There were objects in her vagina and she was torn apart within. I am sure she would not have had any medical attention when she was being tormented over a few weeks before her death. Her body was placed in foetal position and left in a suitcase in a public place.)


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