Sunday, December 17

The Cannibal

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Jeffrey Dahmer who admitted to a life of crime, where he tortured, murdered and cannibalized on his homosexual partners, reflects a mind no man can ever wish to have. Why he did the horrific acts he did is an enigma. Even in the wildest dreams of a normal man, there wouldn’t be the ingredients of such deviation from the norm.

The torture he put his victims through know no bounds. He drilled holes in the skulls of his unconscious victims and poured acids in their living brains! He said that he wished to produce a zombie that would be a permanent part of his otherwise lonely existence. He ate the flesh of his victims so that they can be forever a part of him. How did he envisage such ideas? We cultured and civilized human beings will never ever go to this extent even to torture an animal this way. How could he, Jeffrey Dahmer, a human being, do such devious acts of cruelty to a fellow human being?

When he was convicted he talked about religion and Jesus as the way to a clean life. Where was religion and Jesus when he was committing all these hideous acts? He cleared his parents of any involvement in his criminal activities, saying that they had no knowledge whatsoever of his wrongdoings. If this man can use piety to differentiate humane from inhumane acts, then he is not insane as stated by his doctors.

It will take the world a long, long time to eradicate the mental picture that Jeffrey Dahmer has portrayed about deviation from the norm in humans.


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