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There goes mum quarreling with the neighbours again. Why can’t she stop being petty over little things? Why is she so adamant to put things the way she wants. Can’t she see that I feel suffocated whenever she breathes out fire.

Oh there goes my beau. He is so charming, so energetic and so…ooooo.
Oh mum you are at it again?….
Stop! Stop, for heaven’s sake. Can’t I have a little peace of mind?
My beau, he is on the net. He says he loves me. I love him too. But mum will not approve. She is sure to intervene just because he happens to be the neighbour’s son.
How can I make mum agree to our relationship? Will she ever understand? Oh mum, I wish you were different. Be different for me… please.
My beau is on the net again. What has he got for me? Does he believe in me? Has he got faith that we will be together one day?

My world! My world is crashing all around me! Who can help me? Who will help me? Mum, mum, where are you? My beau has just left me! He has removed his image from the net. Why did he do that? Oh Why did he want to leave me? Oh…..Oh……Who will help me……Who……?

This my dear readers actually happened and was reported in the local dailies. The poor girl died as a result of constant bickerings and quarrels between two women who knew each other. One of the women who happened to know the boy, posted his image on the internet to get the attention of the victim. The woman pretended to be the boy and at the peak of the internet relationship, the woman turned down the victim’s advances and proposal. The gullible victim felt cheated and took her own life.

It was one woman’s revenge that paid off. Our children are exposed to this type of an environment. We have to be careful how they use the internet and with whom they make correspondence as predators are on the prowl in the net. So all you parents out there make sure your children are actually and really safe within the four walls of your dwellings, you call home.


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