On Transgenic Organisms

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Something is still bothering me. In the deep recesses of my mind lie a few questions that need to be answered.
My friends out there in the blogging community should also give these questions serious thought and come up with more questions and if possible some answers and solutions as well.
Let us put it this way. When the world was being polluted slowly but steadily, no one raised any eyebrows until things began to appear too bad. Likewise no one is going to raise any questions on transgenic organisms until things go for the worse.
We have to ponder and decide what is the best for us and our future existence in this world.
We all know that viruses are specific in their attack and the hosts that they infect. How did SARS or avian flu migrate from birds to infect other animals and finally humans? It’s because the virus that attacked birds mutated and infected the other animals and from these animals the virus further mutated and infested man.
Now, if we create transgenic animals carrying human genes, it is going to make it easier for the viruses that infect these transgenic species to infect man, don’t you think so?
Give whatever I have written above some serious thought my friends or we will be wiped out from the face of this earth just because some brains amidst us want to create history by experimenting with nature and ‘playing with fire’.


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