Tuesday, December 12

The Suicide

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The mansion stood precariously on top of the hill overlooking the marble tombstones, glistening in the moonlight. The full moon hung above the greyish clouds and her light streamed through the curtains that veiled the large windows of the once magnificent mansion, the walls of which echoed the laughter and joy of those who lived there ages ago. The rustling sound of the wind as it blew over the long blades of grass lining the tombs and the open patches of grass of the cemetery, brought forth a scene from a horror movie.
Now, the same mansion cannot boast of the splendid years as all the rooms were bare except for one. The sole occupant and heiress of this property kept to herself and she wished she were not so fortunate. Her face was drawn and without pride. She yearned for the times she was with her siblings, all eight of them. Why was she the chosen one to inherit a curse!!!!! Why was she left behind on the shelf while the rest of her siblings got married and settled with their families in homes that spread warmth and happiness???? Why did she remain behind to nurse her ailing and aging parents, who are long gone??? Why was she made to be compassionate and so understanding such that she sacrificed her youth and vigour for her family while the other members chose to find their happiness????
“I would give up this mansion and all it possessed just to be with a family who loved and cared for me. This life is not worth living,” thought the heiress, as she slowly moved to pick up the knife lying on the dusty table by her bed. She looked at the blade that glittered under the moonlight for a moment and then without any further thoughts she ran it deep down her throat cutting a major blood vessel. She let out a painful scream, as the blood oozed out of her body onto her clothing. She could feel her soul slowly leaving her listless body as it gradually slumped itself on the unmade bed by the side of the table.
“Alas!!! I’m free…. free of the pain and suffering I have long endured,” thought the soul as it gazed upon the figure that was once its body, lying with its eyes and mouth wide open on the unkempt bed by the side of the table on which lay the bloodstained knife.


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