Balance in The Physical Environment And The Mind

Nothing can remain unresolved provided a person takes the moderate path. Any form of extremism is bad. One should not be too tolerant nor too intolerant. Likewise, one should be controlled but not too controlled.

This should be the case when one deals with people in the workplace, in public places or at home with friends and relatives.

This moderate path in dealing with situations is essential in creating a balance within the physical environment as well as within the human mind.

Wherever we go there are the suppressors and the oppressed. As long as this situation exists within the physical environment there can be no balance and harmony, thus there cannot be peace within the human mind.

Both the suppressors and the oppressed are sufferers in a system where there is no balance and harmony. If the suppressors remain unopposed and the oppressed allow the system to remain unchallenged, both parties are to be blamed.

There are many ways the oppressed can stand up for themselves. One way is through a dialogue where the suppressor gets the message either directly or indirectly from the oppressed.

Secondly, is through action which may speak better than words. The oppressed should think of a way to make the suppressor understand that that’s it, and no more nonsense will be tolerated.

Thirdly, is through making a bond between the suppressor and the oppressed using diplomacy and tact. This is the best way to create a better understanding and fraternity. Hence the environment creates a balance where there is harmony and peace of mind.

When there is harmony and peace within the environment everyone is happy and contented. Happiness and contentment are the ingredients to a stable social structure. This leads to better prospects to a better future where all persons benefit.

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