Germs' Eye View

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Oh! What have we here?
A whole world for me to explore? I shall enter this host and make a home temporarily. The blood’s going to be my diet and the organs will be my shelter until such time I decide to leave. I will take a few days to settle myself before I get to multiply. Anyway, I’ll try my luck if my host is willing to open the doors and welcome me in. Oh! Oh! What is this that greets me? I don”t feel comfortable. I feel suffocated. What is this that is surrounding me? Oh these are antibodies! How can I save myself? I can’t free myself from their grip. What, what shall I do……?

This is how our bodies react to germs as they invade us. We can fall victims to their attacks or we can destroy them and prevent an infection. Many of us are unaware of the defence mechanism our bodies possess, without which we can fall sick easily. We should thank God for giving us the leucocytes or white blood cells which help to keep us free of infections. The picture to the left shows one of the ways in which leucocytes attack germs. There are many other ways the body’s defences prevent invasion by germs.


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