The Ultimate Programmer

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While having my bath, scrubbing my body, I began thinking of the millions of cells washed    away with the dirt and soap.

It suddenly occurred to me that I started from a single cell as a result of the fusion of a male and a female gamete. How come that one cell differentiates to give rise to billions of cells forming different tissues which in turn form organs and systems, with each system carrying out its own function so that I, an organism, exists normally?

Not only are humans formed this way, all other organisms that populate this world of ours too started that way. Some formed through a sexual process while others through asexual means.

Whatever the case may be, there must be an ultimate programmer, who has programmed all living cells to do the things they do.

If the scientists who use biotechnology to create transgenic organisms think they have ultimately reached the status of the ultimate programmer, I regret to inform them that they are wrong. No man alive or dead can ever claim that he has at last developed the blueprint of the code written by the ultimate programmer, because no one will ever be able to decipher how the blueprint of these codes were programmed!


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