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Qur'anic Invocation: Du'a For Acceptance of Efforts..

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Praise be to Allah Lord of the universe, Creator and Sustainer of mankind; and may His peace and blessings be upon our beloved Messenger Muhammad (salAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam), his family, Companions, and those who follow them until the Day of Judgement.

When Allah the Almighty, in His infinite wisdom and divine mercy, created the human soul, He intended its eternal abode to be in the Garden of Bliss. However, the journey to this eternal abode is indeed full of many obstacles, be it the splendours of this world, the passions of our lower self (nafs), or the whispers of Satan. It is the successful preparation for this journey that will – with the Mercy of Allah – ultimately lead us to that Garden. This preparation is based on comprehending the Divine Message and internalising its teachings in our lives. Many a noble and strong willed soul has undertaken this journey, and what lies in these pages are the valuable pieces of advice that represent the fruits of their experience.

An invocation or a du’a
is not the crutch of the weak or the incapable.
It is the finest strategy for all kinds of success
– whether material or spiritual.

Most of the time men have worded their invocations
in their own languages. 
However, the finest of the invocations are the ones 
worded by 
Allah Subhanuhu wa Ta`ala Himself 
and mentioned in the Noble Qur’aan.

I would like to share with you 
invocations from the Noble Qur’aan. 

Since these invocations are mentioned in Qur’aan 
and are taught to us by 

they are the best and perfect invocations. 

What’s more, Allah has promised that 
He will respond to invocations 
made by the righteous, by the sinners
and even by unbelievers.




O our Lord! 

Accept (this service) from us.

Verily! You are the 

All-Hearer, the All-Knower 

and Accept our repentance.  

Truly, You are the One 

who Accepts repentance, 

the Most Merciful.

 (AL-BAQARAH: 127-128)




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