What Song Is This? ( Part I I )

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Direction: Give the title of each song. Unscramble the letters inside the parenthesis to reveal the name of the singer who sang the song or the group/band that sang it.  It will serve as your CLUE.


I like the feel of your name on my lips

I like the sound of your gentle kiss

The way that your fingers run through my hair

And how your scents linger even when you’re not here



Baby, I know you’re hurting

Right now you feel like you could never love again

Now all I ask is a chance

To prove that I love you



I could stay awake

Just to hear you breathing

Watch you smile while you are sleeping

While you’re far away and dreaming



Words don’t come easy to me

How can I find a way?

To make you see, I love you

Words don’t come easy



How about getting off of this antibiotic

How about stopping eating when I’m full out

How about them transparent dangling carrots

How about that ever elusive kudo



No matter how hard I try

You keep pushing me aside

And I can’t break through

There’s no talking to you



I could be your sea of sand

I could be your warmth of desire

I could be a pray’r of hope

I could be gift of everyday



Isn’t  it  funny

How times to slip away so fat

One minute you’re happy

The other you’re sad



Sometimes, I get tired

Of this May 1stattitude

You are the one thing

That keep me smiling



If I had everything

I wouldn’t be satisfied

Coz ther’d still be emptiness in my life

So tell me baby is it true



When I was very young

Nothing really mattered to me

But making myself happy

I was the only one



Love wandered inside

Stronger than you

Stronger than I

And now that it has begun



I’ve seen this place a thousand times

I’ve felt this all before

And every time you call

I’ve waited there as though you might not call at all



Friday night you and your boys went out

Then they hung out but you came home around three

If six of ya’ll went out, ah then four of you were really cheap

Cause only two of you had dinner



Baby believe I’m comin’

Baby believe what I say

But baby hold on to your promises

Because you bet, you’ll get what you deserve



Here are the correct answers:

  1. I LOVE THE WAY YOU LOVE ME   –   (by Boyzone)

  2. I’LL NEVER BREAK YOUR HEART  –   (by Backstreet Boys)

  3. I DON’T WANNA MISS A THING –     (by Aerosmith)

  4. WORDS (DON’T COME EASY)      –    (by Full Moon0

  5. THANK YOU                                    –    (by Alanis Morisette)

  6. BELIEVE                                           –    (by Cher)

  7. I COULD BE THE ONE                    –    (by Donna Lewis)

  8. IF LIFE IS SO SHORT                      –    (by The Moffats)

  9. LOST IN SPACE                              –     (by Lighthouse Family)

  10. I FALL                                              –    (by  Kavana)

  11. NOTHING REALLY MATTERS       –    (by Madonna)

  12. WHENEVER YOU CALL                 –    (by Mariah Carey)

  13. DON’T SAY YOU LOVE ME           –    (by The Corrs)

  14. IT’S NOT RIGHT BUT IT’S OKAY  –    (by Whitney Houston)

  15. PROMISES                                      –   (by Cranberries)


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