What is Life About?

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It is the same things we do everyday. We wake up, clean ourselves, get ready for work, either cooking for the family or working to feed the family. We race and challenge with others to attain what satisfies us most. If there are children in the family, we get them to do the things they ought to do and so on and so forth.

So what is life? Are they just the above activities? Aren’t there anything beyond those activities that makes life wholesome?
If one examines those activities very closely, one can see that those activities are all centred on the self, nothing more. Everyone is thinking of satisfying one’s own immediate family members’ needs. Meeting one’s own family members’ needs is almost equal to satisfying one’s needs.

Let us look at it this way. When a best friend’s family member dies the tears we shed is just momentary not beyond that time frame. But when one’s own family member dies the tears flow over many days and the memory lasts a lifetime, even though the best friend may have done more for the person than the family member himself/herself!

Why do we differentiate others from ourselves and our family members? Why do we expect gratitude from others outside our own family members when we do something for them? Why do we feel less for the pains others outside our family suffer? Can’t we look at others outside our family like we look at ourselves? Maybe if we did we have achieved something more than the common man.

These questions may be able to lead one to answers that may even help to reduce man’s sorrows and greed. Give them some thought and may be you may come out with better solutions for a better wor


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