Liberty of Thought And Action

Where there is sadness, we learn to sow happiness
Where there is cruelty, we understand kindness,
Where there is hatred, the heart knows love
Where there is defeat, we appreciate victory
Where there is ignorance, we differentiate wisdom
Where there is mercy, we are granted forgiveness
Where there is trust, we gain respect
Where there is faith, there is believe
Where there is honesty, we breed reliability
Where there is freedom, we need to be virtuous
Where there is compassion, we nurture sympathy
Where there is darkness, we see the light…. the light that illuminates the soul.. the liberated soul attaining enlightenment

I know that it is hard to follow most of what I have written in my article titled ‘Liberty of Thought and Action,’ but I try as much as possible to follow my own philosophy of life. I had to give it a lot of thought because I know that I may have left out some of the important values in my article. If there is anyone out there who can add any other values to the article I shall gladly welcome them.

To liberate oneself from sin we have to learn from what we observe and become aware of the consequences of an action. If there is any form of wrong doing or abuse, we must try to correct the situation and not let it be. There are also other good qualities that can be fostered from one good quality; example, ‘where there is compassion, we should nurture sympathy,’ and ‘where there is honesty, we breed reliability.’

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