Appreciating Nature

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   ‘A picture paints a thousand words,’ so goes the saying. But, just look around you and examine nature closely. It may paint ‘more than a thousand words, is what I can conclude.’

   I had this rare opportunity of walking over an open field, near my home, one evening. I happened to catch a glimpse of moist rocks laden with fresh green moss and tiny wild flowers on short stalks swaying gently in the cool breeze after a short shower. I moved over to examine them closer and to my amazement, they were just awesome. The pink, lilac, yellow and blue flowers were so dainty and captivating in beauty and I wondered why they had been ignored all along. Was it because they were miniature beauties that never caught the eye or was it because they had no real appeal to the ordinary man on the street?

   I watched the birds fly over the bluish green hills. The hills that are normally unnoticed, appeared forbidding and mysterious. What lay behind the thick bushes and tall trees? I could hear screeches of  hidden life and the murmur of streams flowing down the hill. A foam formed from the spray of water as the thin streams hit the ground. Fish of different colours swam in the water collected at the base of the streams. What a sight to behold!!!

   Then I gazed up at the sky, after inhaling a few deep breathes of the fresh air laden with the scent of wild blooms. The sky was tinted a grey and deep blue hue, while greyish white clouds hung low, as yellow, orange and reddish rays of the setting sun added colour to an otherwise dark setting, moving into dusk. Nature appeared to me like an artist’s canvas where the colours kept moving, blending and changing as the seconds passed by. I wished time would just stand still so that the picture would remain and not be enveloped into darkness.

   As I continued my walk, I thanked the almighty for the wonderful experience and hoped that nature would paint another picture. A picture equally amazing and captivating but different, the next time I walked that way!!!


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