Adventures Into Immortality

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Adventure can take place not only when one moves about from place to place geographically. It can even take place within the four walls of your room. Reading a book, thinking when alone, meditating or even when one is asleep one can be taken away, far, far away from where one is. I had this rare experience, where I felt I was out of my corporal body. This happened many years ago when I was in my teens. I was away from home and in my room in my university hostel. I went to bed as usual, but wished I were back home in my lovely room and bed. I was not asleep at the moment when a strange thing happened!!! I felt something moving upwards from the tip of my toe and up towards my chest and lo and behold I was out of my body through my mouth. I was formless!!! I peered at my body laying on the  bed and it wasn’t me but matter!!! Oh my God, I realised in that spiritual form that I was out of my body and travelling within earth’s atmosphere over tops of trees and buildings and in no time I was in my warm bed in my home!!! I knew too that if I didn’t return to the body in the room far, far away, I would be classified dead….. in this material world. 

   The next day, I searched for answers in books in the university library and other resources. I just wasn’t satisfied with the answers I got from the books. When I met a Buddhist monk a few years later, he gave me a sound and reasonable answer. He clarified it was astral travel which can be done through meditation. But it takes a person a long time to attain it. I wondered how it happened to me!!!

   Being a student of science, I still did not accept the monk’s views, until one day many years later, I saw the spirit of an  ex-student of mine who died in a fatal road accident. The spirit communicated telepathically with me in broad daylight!!!! He was sad that I couldn’t remember him but vanished in a lightning flash after giving me a smile which showed his deep dimples on both cheeks. From then on my faith in the existence of the spiritual world became a reality!!!

   Have any of you out there, reading this article on adventures into immortality, have stories to share? I would surely like to read about your personal experience into the world of the unknown!!!!


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