Sunday, December 17

Lonely Red Rose And The Bumble Bee

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   Cried the Red Rose to the Bumble Bee,

   Why are you so busy?

   Can’t you just stay awhile?

   And keep me company?

   No Lovely One! I have to go,

   My mistress beckons me,

  To bring home the honey,

   To feed her ever growing brood.

   But, Bumble Bee! I’m so lonely!

   I wish someone could be near,

   To sing me a song or two,

   With words of joy and harmony.

   Oh Lovely Rose! Don’t despair!

   For I’m here and near,  whispered the wind,

   I’m always around you dear,

   To see you through and through.


The poem above, clearly indicates the need for friendship and company. Some of us value those who are not with us more than the ones who are always with us as in the case of the lonely, red, rose. Though the wind is always around the rose, keeping it company, the rose yearns for the bumble bee which is an occasional visitor. This poem can also depict a clandestine relationship.

The poem also indicates that beautiful women, represented by the red rose, are likely to fall victim to desires of this kind. Beautiful women are vain about their beauty and therefore take advantage of the fact. They get into a permanent relationship but are forever chasing after other men who are better off, knowing full well that their husbands would be forever faithful to them. These beautiful women are opportunists who crave for attention from men all the time. They can even ruin the marriages and relationships of other women.


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