Wednesday, December 13

Little Rabbit And The Thunderbolt

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   Little rabbit scampered when he heard the thunder roll.

   “What’s that?” he thought. “It’s the loudest sound I’ve heard in my life.” he cried.

   Big Bird, perched on the tree top heard the cries and looked down.

   ” It’s the thunder bolt, Little Rabbit, you shouldn’t be scared. It’s a natural phenomenon,” explained Big Bird.

   “But I’m afraid. The noise is too loud,” continued Little Rabbit.

    “That’s nothing to be afraid of. The cause is static electricity. When clouds rub against each other in the air around it, there is a build up of negative charges in the rainclouds. The positive charges at ground level normally attract the negative charges in the rainclouds. Then you see a streak of lightning flashing across the sky down to earth. Of cause, this sudden heating of the air around the lightning causes sudden expansion of air around the lightning streak, breaking into a loud thunder, Little Rabbit,” continued Big Bird as he flapped his wings to fly and find shelter in his nest, not far away.

   Little Rabbit scampered into his hollow below the giant casuarina tree. He made his way deep into his burrow to keep away from the loud roll of thunder accompanying each streak of lightning that flashed across the sky.

   As soon as the flashes of lightning and the thunder bolts vanished, torrential rain followed. An hour of heavy downpour later, Little Rabbit crept out slowly from his burrow which was beginning to fill up with rain water. He hopped out to find the environment refreshed and cool, with the fresh blooms swaying to the gentle breeze after the rain. Little Rabbit began to understand that lightning and thunder bolts precede a storm and that there was nothing to be worried or scared about. He began to sniff and hop around happily once more, as he kept searching for food.


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