Monday, December 18

Funeral Roses

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   A funeral procession is on and the dead person is adorned with flowers and decor according to customary rites. I just thought how this person lived and died. Was the person given what he or she  needed and duly deserved or was he or she just taken for granted? I noted, too, there was a family of  sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, nephews, nieces.. etc..etc… of the dead person moving along with the crowd as the coffin was heading towards the burial site. Tears flowed and there was an air of mourning and great feeling of loss among those present as the body was slowly lowered into its final resting place in the cemetery.

   There was a solemn silence as the last rites were performed at the grave and soil finally mounted to indicate the site of burial. Flower petals were eventually strewn over the grave by relations and friends alike of the dead person as they bade farewell.  In no time the whole place was vacant and quiet once more and the old care taker finally closed the gates behind him as he wiped a tear.

    I wondered what had  passed  the minds of those people who had just come and gone. Did they give the dead person his/her roses when he/she was alive? Or were they giving the roses when he/she couldn’t appreciate the thoughts? The truth lies only with them and the dead!!!!


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