The Mystery of The Universe Unravelled by Ma-Mahajnan

The Mystery of the Universe Unravelled by Ma-Mahajnan

However, the theme of ‘Unraveling of the Mystery of the universe’ is not one to be easily understood by discussion. Faced with innumerable complex questions, renowned philosophers, distinguished scientists, eminent scholars and even a great ascetic will feel seriously perplexed to arrive at a firm conclusion.

It can neither be understood by reading nor explained by words how hastily she has solved all the riddles slowly by treading along the intractable path of spiritual realization. But one should be delighted to find the aspects intelligible through her scientific way of thinking and in the manner she answers all the questions put to her even in the midst of many adverse situations.

In five successive chapters Ma-Mahajnan has set forth her special theme of philosophy on ‘Real and Unreal’. To be familiar with all that comes to finding the way. By her rational discussion of subjects, she offers a sound authority for unraveling all kinds of mystery.

But all that we need to solve or come to a conclusion; we must have a definite plan. From that outlook ‘Improvement desired in the Planning’ has added some points of serious thinking. 

In the chapter ‘Ghost and God’ she deals with the question of seeking one’s fortune. We have got to establish what exists actually. Believing both ghost and God can never be supported by logical organization.

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