Wednesday, December 13

Air Pollution More Dangerous Than Cocaine

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Air pollution can trigger a heart attack is greater than cocaine. Air pollution is even more dangerous even than other heart attack triggers, such as coffee, alcohol, and physical activity. As stated by the researchers.

Indeed, sex, anger, using marijuana, as well as chest or respiratory infections also can trigger a heart attack more widely. However, the investigators said, air pollution, especially in heavy traffic to trigger the most dangerous.

The findings by a number of researchers from Hasselt University in Belgium this origin can be found in the journal The Lancent. Through this study, investigators appealed to the community, especially those who live in dense residential areas and traffic, to be more alert to the risk of heart attack coming.

Although, recognized researchers, heart attacks are caused by air pollution is still very little case today. “The risk is very high. However, the case is still relatively rare. Just as a heart attack due to the use of drugs,” said study lead Tim Nawrot.

Furthermore, he hoped for significant findings to encourage the doctors to be able to think more often about the risks of high levels of population.

“Doctors always look at individual patients, while risk factors difficult diagnosed as something that is important at the individual level. But, if they noticed the population, they have relevance to the larger public health,” he said.

The issue of air pollution is now global. World Health Organization (WHO) describes the air pollution as one of the greatest environmental threats to health. And, air pollution is estimated to be the cause of premature death of up to 2 million people worldwide each year.


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