Save Time, Money And The Planet When Using House or Office Clearance Services

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When requiring a house or office clearance, it isn’t purely the removal of items from a property. There are a number of different services associated with a property clearance and each property or client will have different reasons and requirements. By using a house clearance company who offer all the various services, you won’t have to deal with a number of different companies when a range of solutions is required.

A professional house or office clearance provider will offer the following services: –

•    House clearance / rubbish clearance / waste disposal
•    Removals, deliveries and storage
•    Securing Property (boarding up / locks, doors, windows fitted)
•    Photos of property emailed on completion
•    Property cleaning
•    Garden clearance / tidying
•    Contents acquisition (whole / part)
•    Advice on selling antiques / art
•    Cars removed / scrapped
•    Fully compliant with all UK and EU waste disposal legislation
•    Fully licensed and insured

The Carbon Trust estimates that for every kilo of natural resources consumed by reuse, 7 kilos of original materials are conserved.

A property clearance company should ensure that their house clearance and office clearance services are at the forefront of the efforts to get unwanted furniture and goods reused.  The sale or donations of as much as possible of everything cleared is paramount. This requires better planning, more dedication, labour and effort, but it’s worth it.

Did you know that it takes 1000 times more carbon dioxide to produce a new piece of furniture than to deliver and install a used one? Each household in the UK has on average 750kg of furniture (three quarters of a ton). Think of the huge reduction in carbon dioxide that could be achieved if even 10% of this furniture was reused!
When house clearance and office clearance work is carried out, items that simply cannot be reused (perhaps broken / damaged / faulty) are recycled. The waste is sorted into separate recycling streams (paper, metal, glass) at Waste Transfer Stations (tips). This enables up to 75% of these materials to be recycled. Whilst recycling is less efficient in terms of CO2 than reuse, it preserves virgin resources. So there is a far smaller environmental footprint when recycled materials are used in the manufacturing process.

All Licensed Waste Carriers transport waste to Waste Transfer Stations (WTS), who then recycle some and landfill the rest. However, if the waste is not pre sorted by the carrier into different waste streams, the WTS will send much more of that waste to landfill. The reason is simple. Responsible WTS have separate areas to deposit recyclables such paper, metal, plastic, and biomass. Waste that contains mixtures of these materials has to be deposited in a general waste area. Only 40% of this general waste gets recycled compared to 85% in the specific materials areas. The waste resulted from a house or office clearance is pre-sorted to achieve a far higher recycling rate than would otherwise be the case.

Many businesses are now looking for environmentally friendly ways of getting rid of your unwanted office furniture and IT. Using a fully audited office furniture recycling collection service, you can see how your old office furniture is reused and recycled, and how much carbon is saved as a result – leaving you feeling green and serene!

Between 90% – 95% of all office furniture and IT that is cleared and removed for businesses is recycled or reused. A business will be given an environmental report on completion of any work as well as the statutory required waste transfer notes, which ensures the client have an audit trail to detail what has been achieved in their specific case, as well as ensuring they have fully exercised their duty of care.

What You Get With an Office Furniture Recycling Service:

• On time on budget hassle free service (link to testimonials?)
• 90-95% recycle and reuse rates (link to reuse and recycle page)
• Environmental report for each job
• Full audit trail for each job
• Resale value for reusable items – can significantly reduce costs

This is achieved by separating out the materials into distinct waste streams – such as metal, plastic and wood. The house or office clearance company then transport the materials directly to recycling centres with the highest standards for recycling. This avoids the additional carbon footprint caused by transporting recyclable materials to a depot and sorting there – only to go on by truck to the recycling centre. Furniture and IT us reused where possible – which is the greenest option of all.


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