The Secret of Ageless

One way to stay young is to keep the senses remain vigilant. That is by doing exercises to improve and maintain the sensitivity of the five senses.

Robin Westen author of “Ten Days to Detox: How to Look and Feel a Decade Younger” reveals how, in order to keep your senses to function optimally. Just follow five easy ways, as reported from

1. Sense of hearing
This means listening to all and a variety of sound vibrations that surround us. Not only the music that affects mood, every sound that goes into the ear actually has meaning. By training yourself to appreciate all the votes, you can make sense of hearing to be functioning better. Sit down not far from open windows. Close your eyes, and remain silent until you hear a voice in the head. Open hearing until you hear the sound in the room.

2. Sense of vision
Although you are not a problem when he saw something big or broad, but often hard to focus when looking at something small. Begin to notice little things around, like a falling leaf, ants running or anything else. Also, note the behavior of others and their body language, which can send out verbal instructions.

3. Sense of taste
Prepare a meal for yourself, but let the rice and side dishes separately. Begin eating slowly. Enjoy the taste of every mouthful of food. Notice how the teeth and tongue on the texture of food. Chew slowly.

4. Smell
Collect items that have a scent. Like flowers, herbs, fruit, or scented soaps. Close your eyes and take one item at a time. Allow yourself to absorb the fragrance one after another.

5. Sense of touch
Choose a few different items in terms of weight and texture. For example, shells, silk scarves, and pumice. Choose a favorite item but needs to vary. Place on the table and said, close your eyes, take each item and overall exploration. Feel the difference in texture and temperature of each item. Our sense of touch provides vital information resources and a major source of pleasure.

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