Tuesday, December 12

Create a New Folder & Save a Search

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Create a new folder

A folder is a location where you can store your files. You can create any number of folders and even store folders inside other folders (subfolders). Here’s how to create a new folder:

Go to the location (such as a folder or the desktop) where you want to create a new folder.

Right-click a blank area on the desktop or in the folder window, point to New, and then click Folder.

Type a name for the new folder, and then press Enter.

The new folder will appear in the location you specified.

If you create a new folder in a library (such as Documents), the folder will be created inside that library’s default save location (for example, My Documents).

Libraries let you store your folders on different hard disks (such as external hard drives), and then access them all from one window. For more information about organizing folders using libraries, see Include folders in a library.

You can use saved searches to reduce the number of folders you need to create. This makes it easier to find your files in folders that include many items.

Save a search

If you regularly search for a certain group of files, it might be useful to save your search. When you save a search, you don’t have to fine-tune the settings the next time you want to use it. Just open the saved search, and you’ll see the most current files that match the original search.

Saved searches are available from the navigation pane

Here’s how to save a search:

  1. Click to open Search.

  2. Perform a search. (For information about how to do this, 

  3. When the search is completed, on the toolbar, click Save search.

  4. In the File name box, type a name for the search, and then click Save.


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