Monday, December 11

Bible Quiz (Part I)

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Direction: Unscramble the letters in the parentheses to identify each character.

1. He’s the second son of Adam and Eve and the younger brother of Cain.

          ( LAEB)


2. He’s a descendant of Eleazar and Phinehas, an Aaronic priest, a scholar, an expert copyist and teacher of the law. He’s also skilled both in Hebrew and Aramaic.



3. He’s the son of Buzi, a priest. He’s also among the captives taken to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar in 617 BCE.



4. He’s the 12thson of Jacob and the full brother of Joseph. His mother Rachel gave birth to him, while on the way from Bethel to Eprath.



5. She’s the mother of the prophet Samuel who lived with her Levite husband Elkanah in the mountainous region of Ephraim.



6. He served as the prophet to the ten-tribe kingdom sometime during the reign of Jeroboam II.



7. He’s an Israelite prophet of the seventh century BCE and the writer of the book bearing his name.



8. He’s the brother of Martha and Mary. His resurrection was one of the miracles performed by Jesus Christ.



9. He’s Jacob’s third son by his wife Leah, born in Paddan-aram.



10. He’s the son of King David and Bath-Sheba. His riches and wisdom made him a famous king of Israel. He could speak 3,000 proverbs.



11. She’s the wife of King Rehoboam,mother of King Abijah, and the daughter of Uriel. She was also known as “Maacah”.



12. He’s the firstborn son of Aaron and Elisheba.



Here are the correct answers.

1. Abel

2. Ezra

3. Ezekiel

4. Benjamin

5. Hannah

6. Jonah

7. Nahum

8. Lazarus

9. Levi

10. Solomon

11. Micaiah



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