How to Create or a New Library

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Create a new library

You can use libraries to view and arrange files from different locations. There are four default libraries (Documents, Music, Pictures, and Videos), but you can also create new libraries for other collections.

To create a new library

Click the Start button , click your user name (which opens your personal folder), and then, in the left pane, click Libraries.

In Libraries, on the toolbar, click New library.

Type a name for the library, and then press Enter.

To copy, move, or save files to a library, you must first include a folder in the library so that the library knows where to store the files.

This folder automatically becomes the default save location for the library. For information about including folders and setting the default save location

Customize a library

Libraries let you view and arrange files stored in different locations

You can change where a library gathers content from by including or removing folders in the library.

You can also customize the general behavior of a library by changing its default save location, or by changing the type of file that a library is optimized for.

To change a library’s default save location

A library’s default save location determines where an item will be stored when it’s copied, moved, or saved to the library.

  1. Open the library you’d like to change.

  2. In the library pane (above the file list), next to Includes, click Locations.

  3. In the Library Locations dialog box, right-click a library location that’s not currently the default save location,

To change the type of file a library is optimized for

Each library can be optimized for a certain file type (such as music or pictures). Optimizing a library for a certain file type changes the options that are available for arranging the files in that library.

  1. Right-click the library you’d like to change, and then click Properties.

  2. In the Optimize this library for list, click a file type, and then click OK.


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