Qualities of a Social Media Expert – Washington DC

Web-based technologies turn communication into interactive dialogue. This is particularly true in the social media sphere. These days, almost everyone seems to be interacting in it.

Over the past few years social media experts have become almost common-place. This is likely the result of the increasingly competitive online market fueled by staggering numbers of businesses taking the leap into the “Social Media Sphere”. There is no question that businesses are taking this leap, the question remaining is whether or not it is a good idea to do so.

In our culture, being a qualified social media expert does not require you to be a specific age, sex or ethnic race. That said, there is no true measure in terms of qualifications yet, as it is such a new field. It can be difficult for businesses to determine who has the right marketing experience and who simply has experience marketing themselves. Although it can be a difficult decision to make, here are a few points of consideration to take with you before making a commitment:

1. A professional consultant should be able to explain theory and background history of social media and how it has evolved up until the present.

2. They should understand both traditional and social media marketing to allow for practical application and universal utility.

3. They should be up to date and knowledgeable, using numerous applications such as Facebook and Twitter.

4. They should have some examples of past work- just ask for some sample sites.

5. They should know when and how to use the applications available and should be willing to share their knowledge as part of the service.

6. Double check their background information, just in case.

7. They should have diverse background in marketing that covers all characteristics of advertising and marketing and brings useful skills to the table, such as writing or photo editing.

8. Ask your SM consultant questions like how and when they started in the service, when they started using applications and blogging sites, and how many blogs did they have to establish before mastering the skill.

9. Ask for their connections, business links, and chambers of commerce.

10. Since traffic is sourced from search engines, writers should understand the basics of SEO to increase your traffic.

These are few of helpful guidelines to check whether or not the company or individual you’re considering putting in charge of administrating your social media relations is truly up for the job.

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