12 Ways to Better Job Search

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1.      Campus/school job fairs

                School job fairs are common in schools with college courses.  The jobs are mostly related to the courses they have in school.  They usually invite corporations to show the companies work vacancies.

2.      Mall job fairs

                Mall job fairs are connected to the jobs that the mall needs and mostly   

      related to the company’s tenants.  Sometimes national companies are also

      participants from different regions seeking employees.

3.      Company job fair

                A company may have job fair to fill in work vacancies for national or

       regional branches.

4.      Company web site

                Company’s web sites are different from job websites.  If you know of

       company that is suitable for you or related to your job experiences, list them

       and search the web.  Other companies do not use job web sites instead they

       prefer to post the job needed on their own website.  Company web site jobs

       are direct way of contacting the company.

5.      Yellow pages

                Top companies are in yellow pages.  Searching their website can help

       you to know what available work they offer.

6.      Poster/billboards announcement

                          Top companies/franchising advertising can help you identify the large

      group of companies that also hire many employee.

7.   Bulletin boards announcement

                Some companies would place their advertising on bulletin boards outside

      their company about jobs.

8.      Flyers

                Some companies urgently need an employee to provide their workforce

      Flyers can help you get information of the job they need especially for             

      part-time marketing.

9.      Internet jobs

                Searching the net all the way you can as long as it is related to your

      career and qualifications.

10.  Newspapers

                Latest job with categories are in newspapers.  The company needs   

      employee urgently.

11.  Television/AM/FM news

                Prime time job news can help you to find details and specific jobs.

12.  Agencies

                There are government agencies and private agencies that can help you

      choose the job suitable for you.

                In searching for a better company and job make sure that it is not a direct interview scam or internet scam. 


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